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Refer a New Family to EUMK

How it Works:


If you love Emmanuel, we'd love for you to share about us with your friends and family.


We are starting a new program, Refer a New Family to EUMK!


You can sign up for a personal link to share, and we will know you are the referrer of the family.


When they sign the annual school contract, they will get $50 and you will get $50. And EUMK will get a new family! So Win-Win-Win for all of us!


If you ever forget your personal link, we can send it to you. So start sharing by filling in the form and sharing your link by email, text, or social media.


In order to get the referral credit, you must sign up and share your specific referral link.






The Refer a New Family Program applies only to new families to Emmanuel United Methodist Kindergarten. It does not apply to returning or current families.


The new family must use your link to be directed to the referral page for you to receive credit. If a new family is referred by two referrers then the one listed as the first referrer will receive the credit.


If your referral link is not associated with the family before they pay the application fee, then you are not the official referrer and will not receive the $50.


The $50 payment to both parties is only valid if and when the new family signs an annual contract for the following school year.

If the new family enrolls more than one new child, you will receive $50 per child and the new family will receive $50 per new child signed contract.