Educating Children Twelve Months through Kindergarten


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Our Curriculum

The curriculum of EUMK has developed over the years by input from teachers, parents, professional literature, and most importantly, the interests of the children. EUMK recognizes and encourages the most natural learning atmosphere for a young child - play. We believe that play is the natural medium used by young children to consolidate every kind of learning.

The curriculum addresses a broad range of content that is relevant, engaging, and meaningful to children. It is designed to enable teachers to use a hands-on approach to learning and to more fully utilize the child's natural learning atmosphere of play. The curriculum itself serves as a basic guideline - the teacher as facilitator is encouraged to explore further possibilities in creative teaching.

The curriculum is developmentally appropriate in that it is designed for the age group served (12 months through 6 years) and implemented with attention to the needs and differences of the individual child within a particular group. By making developmentally appropriate materials and activities easily accessible to young children for exploration in an encouraging environment, a child will practice skills that will lay a foundation for later school experiences and make gains in self-confidence and self-esteem at the same time.

In summary, the goals of EUMK's curriculum are for children (1) to get to know everyday phenomena in many firsthand sensory ways, (2) to question thoughtfully and think for himself, (3) to enjoy the satisfaction of solving problems and learning skills, (4) to express their feelings and sense of self through dramatic play, dance, art, and literature, (5) to begin to symbolize ideas with pictures and signs, as well as spoken words and finally (6) to have fun as they play, since play is a young child's natural way of working.