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Knock Knock Trick or Treat Who Are You?

What fun for us to be gifted the challenge (thank you, rain) to recreate an indoor Pumpkin Patch to be the setting for this year’s traditional EUMK Halloween Sing-A-Long!


How might we set the mood for our trick or treaters to share their favorite Halloween songs they so love?


Our music teacher, Miss Kim, used real pumpkins to design a socially distanced Pumpkin Patch, along with creating an incredible backdrop of art work from a few of our classes.


Each class of trick or treaters was able to perform in “THE PATCH”, within their own classrooms, or in the real Pumpkin Patch on the sunny Wednesday before Halloween.


ENJOY this BOO-TI-FUL video celebrating our children as they share the music of Halloween at EUMK!