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Growing Forward Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the eyes of a child, a construction site is a dream come true.

Since the beginning of the school year, excavators, huge fences, construction workers in action plus DIRT have captivated our students.

So, could it get any better than going on a daily walk to watch a building grow from the ground up?

The answer is astoundingly YES!

Mitch Ballard, aka Mr. Mitch, Mr. Worker Man, Worker Friend, and the Superintendent of the Linkous Construction site at Emmanuel United Methodist Church, continues to be our hero on new levels.


He recently invited the EUMK K3 through SK classes to accompany him on a personal tour INSIDE the new building.  AND… what a tour it was!


The boys and girls learned all about the new kitchen, and Mr. Mitch shared with us about the food that EUMC would serve through the huge window (a child asked what would be served). He eloquently spoke about the word FELLOWSHIP… what it means and how it looks. He described how the tables would invite folks in to share dinner and to actively talk and learn about God.


At one point, a child noticed the names on the slab. Mitch readily provided the children with sharpies to spread their messages of hope and love by signing the slab at EUMC.


What a gift to see through the eyes of our children their rich wishes to EUMC as they continue Growing Forward! 


Thank you, EUMC and Mr. Worker Man, for providing our students with hands-on, onsite learning!

"Through these doors walk those who seek

a growing and vital community 

where Christ is transforming lives."