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Teaching Empathy to Preschoolers

The POWER of 50 Coins!

EUMK Students Donate $735 to EUMK!

Our Annual Day of Giving, during our Birthday Week Celebration, was a huge success.

In order to involve our students, each student was asked to bring 50 coins for the Annual Day of Giving. Our EUMK boys and girls opened their hearts and hands and filled the EUMK buckets with their coins.

The power of 50 coins is incredible!

What a surprise to discover that the EUMK students collected $735. EUMK will use these coins to replace, replenish, and repair needs in our own square inch.

Overall, our Annual Day of Giving brought in so many donations from our wonderful parents, teachers, grandparents, church members, and so many others. We are abundantly grateful for everyone's generosity.

We are able to completely fulfill our wishlist! Many of the items are ordered, and we will soon share pictures of our children using and learning with our new equipment.

Three EUMK students met at the Coinstar Kiosk to fulfill the final counting of the coins. These three Servant Leaders helped feed the many bags of coins into the mouth of the kiosk, collect rejects, and even sanitize the EUMK Buckets.

Teaching Empathy, Compassion, and Generosity at EUMK


At Emmanuel United Methodist Kindergarten, we believe that empathy, compassion, and generosity can be taught at a young age.


We refer to the empathy process as “Filling the Bucket.” Allowing our students to connect to a need and to be game changers in small ways inspires each of them to see they can make a difference in our world today which teaches them empathy for others.


Over the years, EUMK has joined hands with a variety of organizations to serve as beacons of compassion and generosity.



Filling the Bucket

The pictures tell the story of their love for our school.